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What would happen to the millions of hair products currently on the market? What would your bathroom cabinets look like. There would be no use for the hundreds and hundreds of different styling tools. Wouldn’t life be easier this way? You would save time, money and storage space.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with my long hair. I loved braiding it and styling it and derived a lot of happiness from simply having good hair. I am sure most of you can relate to the desire to have beautiful hair, however, unfortunately due to various genetic, health and environmental factors many struggle to improve or maintain the health of their hair.

This is when millions of products were created to give people a quick fix. This is when extensions came to the rescue. All of this came with a heavy price tag and maybe created a lot of clutter in our bathroom cabinets and a lot of extra work to get ready every morning.

As an adult, keeping my curly hair healthy became more of a challenge. Stress, hormones, environmental and lifestyle factors started taking a toll on my once long and healthy hair. I was fed up trying products and keeping the clutter under my sink at bay. I thought to myself how can I combine my professional knowledge and my own experience to simplify the journey to good hair.

I commenced researching and learnt obsession with hair started in the very early days and cultures all around the world had their own perceptions and ideas when it came to hair.

In ancient Egypt hair represented strength leading to bald man wearing wigs.  In Mesopotamian civilization hair determined social status. In Indian culture hair was seen as having energy and mystical properties. Chinese saw hair as a symbol of beauty and attractiveness. In the Viking culture, the long braided hair with accessories through them, purely made to show power and strength. In many Native American tribes long hair represented a strong cultural identity, self-respect, and a sense of belonging. With their hair embodying so much of who they are meant that touching someone’s hair without permission is disrespectful.

I worked in the health industry and looked after people from all walks of life. Men and women, young and old, all so different but had the same goal: healthy skin and hair.

We derive self-confidence from many things in life. For many, hair is a great source of confidence. Some might call it vain but who are we to judge what makes someone happy and confident?

I founded Ellà Viè to help people achieve their skin and hair goals, beyond my office four walls with products that are not harming your health and are kind to the environment.

We envisage Ellà Viè becoming part of a sacred ritual with yourself. A time set aside for you and only you. Apply the Ellà Viè oil to your scalp, gently massage it in with your fingertips which gets your blood and energy flowing. Sit back relax, maybe put a face mask on, take a bath or read your favourite book and let our Scalp Elixir work its magic.

And before you get too relaxed, remember consistency is key so diarise that time for yourself and don’t stand yourself up because the hair and skin of your dreams are waiting on the other side.

Thanks for reading xoxo

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