Ellà Viè stands for the planet, the people, culture and the animals.

Choosing our packaging and product formula wasn’t easy as we had a lot of things to consider.

A clear glass bottle was not an option as that would leave our product vulnerable to sun rays, effecting its freshness and potency. A coated glass bottle would make the bottle non-recyclable which goes against our beliefs. A water based formula wouldn’t be environmentally friendly.

We decided our packaging to be made of PET PCR plastic, fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. This type of packaging protects the freshness of the product ensuring maximum results for our clients and at the same time respecting the environment we live in. Our ultra-lightweight bottles are easier to transport therefore resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Material Composition: 100% Recycled

Knowing how vital water is and its scarcity in certain parts of the world, motivated us in creating a waterless product.

Hair oiling has been used for centuries in cultures all around the world and it is superior in helping hair grow, when compared to water. A water based product is more difficult to distribute evenly on the scalp and it may evaporate before it has a chance to fully absorb.

At Ellà Viè we appreciate the power of science and nature and when combined together amazing things happen.

Above all do no harm!

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