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Our mission is to provide our customers the best and the most natural alternative to skincare & haircare.

About Us

Our founder, Rafaela, has been a Registered Nurse, Dermal Therapist and a Cosmetic Injector for a decade. In her day to day work she recognised the importance of educating patients on their health and the impact that this had on their outcome. She finally made the decision to spread her expertise beyond her office four walls and help a larger audience. Growing up in the Mediterranean region, Rafaela has always had an appreciation for nature and good nutrition. She lives and thrives on a vegan cruelty free diet and lifestyle.

Rafaela moved to South Australia 17 years ago where she completed high school and University. Within the first two years of living in South Australia, she started experiencing hair and skin issues. Stress from moving to a new country, the harsh Australian sun and multiple other factors all played a role. At that point, Rafaela’s interest shifted to a more holistic approach to skin, hair and health. A young woman with a vision and passion to help others, that invested a lot of her time studying and researching, led to Ellà Viè.

Ellà Viè is scientifically driven, all our products are formulated with carefully chosen ingredients for best results. We appreciate and understand nature and over a decade, Rafaela has witnessed how science and nature complement one another.

It is important to realise that overdoing it with chemicals can take a toll on your health. Our hormones play a crucial role in our overall wellbeing and small imbalances over a prolonged period of time can cause serious health issues.

Growing up in the European countryside, fresh vegetables and vines always in sight, it was a reminder of how important it was to have everything in balance (minerals, sunlight, nutrition, watering, weather and animals).  Looking after your hair and skin shouldn’t be too different. The surrounding environment, nutrition and the love and care are key to healthy skin and luscious shiny hair.

Sustainability is important to us at Ellà Viè and we want to do our part in preserving our planet. Due to the scarcity of water in certain parts of the world, we have decided to leave it out and conserve precious water for drinking. Our love for the planet, lead to us creating fully recyclable and reusable packaging, that is extremely lightweight thus reducing carbon footprint.

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